WV: Second Amendment Parking Lot Protection Bill on Governor’s Desk

HB 4187 passed the West Virginia senate this week by a 32-1 vote. The bill insures that while business may ban carrying firearms on their premises, they can’t prohibit guns stored in vehicles on their parking lots. Summary From HB 4187:

The purpose of this bill is to create the “Business Liability Protection Act”. The bill includes the right to limit possession of firearms on certain premises and definitions. It also provides for misdemeanor criminal offense and penalty. It prohibits employers from certain specific actions against a person when that person possesses a firearm legally, including a condition of employment. The bill provides a duty of care of public and private employers and provides for immunity from liability. The bill authorizes the Attorney General to enforce this statute, including the right to sue or seek injunctive relief; and seek civil fines.

The bill had two amendments added in

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