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In the face of adversity, every act of kindness and every prayer brings us closer to our goal. Your generosity has been the beacon of hope in our journey, fueling our mission to bring about change and uphold the values we cherish. Yet, the journey is far from over. We need your continued support to break through the barriers and reach new heights.

In these challenging times, Next News Network, led by Gary Franchi and Angie Franchi, stands at the forefront of delivering truth and empowering voices against adversity. Our mission to uphold integrity and speak the truth has faced significant hurdles, especially with our channel being demonetized for over a year now.

This financial strain threatens our ability to continue our crucial work. Your generosity, more than ever, is the lifeline that sustains our efforts. Every donation, every prayer, propels us forward, ensuring that our collective voice for change remains strong and heard.

We urgently need your support to meet our financial goals and break through the barriers that seek to silence us. Join us in this pivotal moment. Let’s stand together with Gary, Angie, and the entire team at Next News Network. Your contribution today is not just a donation; it’s a stand for freedom, truth, and the future we all believe in. Let’s make an impact that will resonate for generations to come. Support us now, for every dollar counts in our fight for a better tomorrow.



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