Ammo Prices Set to Rise Substantially

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Vista Outdoor, the parent company to numerous firearms businesses, just dropped a bombshell about a significant increase in ammunition prices. According to Newsweek, they’re citing an “anticipated global shortage of gunpowder” as the primary reason.

In a letter from Vice President of Sales, Sporting Products, Brett Nelson, Vista Outdoor explained, “Due to world events, our suppliers have notified us of unprecedented demand for and an anticipated global shortage of gunpowder, and thus has increased our prices substantially. We must therefore raise our pricing to help offset those increases.”

Ammunition has always been the Achilles heel of the second amendment.

We can have all the guns we want but if we don’t have any ammo, the guns are useless.

Ammo shortages can seriously hinder our ability to exercise our second amendment rights.

Moreover, this situation brings to light the historical tactics of the anti-gun lobby, aiming to make firearm ownership so expensive that it becomes a privilege for the wealthy elite. Remember their attempts with Saturday night specials? I go over this and more in this video.

It’s crucial for us to stay informed and vigilant against these challenges to ensure that our rights remain accessible to all, regardless of economic status.

Let’s discuss this in the comments section below. How do you think this ammo price hike will impact the firearm community, and what can we do to navigate these challenges? Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more thought-provoking content.

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