An Offer Robert DeNiro Should Have Refused | The NEWSMAX Daily (05/29/24)

Today’s NEWSMAX headline brief includes…
[2:02] -Donald Trump Jr. says “This is the stuff of Stalinist Russia” as 12 New Yorkers deliberate the fate of his father. [Rob Schmitt Tonight]
[6:42] – Robert DeNiro’s partisan rant falls flat outside NYC court room. Newsmax’s Carl Higbie: “Hey Robert DeNiro, You’re not an actual mobster.” [Carl Higbie Frontline]
[12:40] – Former Trump advisor and Newsmax host Sebastian Gorka: “They can’t get over Trump running as a Republican.” [Newsline]
[15:06] – Comedian Rob Schneider believes Hollywood is scared of the left. [Eric Bolling The Balance]
[17:49] -Newsmax’s Greg Kelly reports on newly exposed Hunter Biden emails implicating Joe. [Greg Kelly Reports]

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