Biden’s Brownsville Border Bungle | The NEWSMAX Daily (03/01/24)

Today’s 20-min top headline news brief from NEWSMAX includes:
[0:23] – Today is Employee Appreciation Day. (Pizza is available for everyone in the kitchenette)
[2:03] – NEWSMAX’s Carl Higbie destroys President Joe Biden for his ‘useless’ trip to Brownsville. [Carl Higbie Frontline]
[7:53] – Rob Schmitt: “We’re importing more problems that we don’t need.” [Rob Schmitt Tonight]
[10:25] – News from the Left: Whoopi proves ‘The View’ is the dumbest show ever. [Rob Schmitt Tonight]
[12:34] – Georgia judge to decide whether Fani Willis will be removed from Trump trial. [Greg Kelly Reports]
[15:34] – Lt. Col. Allen West: Every adversary of America sees weakness as “Joe Biden talks diplomacy while eating ice cream with a comedian.” [Newsline]
[17:00] – Tony Marino: Another police officer allegedly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in the line of duty.

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