Huckabee: Biden Should Apologize For Country’s Condition | The NEWSMAX Daily (03/07/24)

Today’s 20-min top headline news brief from NEWSMAX includes:
[1:38] -President Biden to deliver State of the Union address tonight; Mike Huckabee says the only thing he should do is apologize. [Wake Up America]
[4:50] -NY Gov. Kathy Hochul calls in the National Guard; retired NYPD Detective Tom Smith says, “It’s way too late for that.” [American Agenda]
[9:20] -Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis weighs in on Nikki Haley not endorsing Donald Trump, and his own effort to get Jeffrey Epstein information out to the public. [Eric Bolling The Balance]
[15:09] -Florida Sheriff calls out the feds after massive human trafficking bust, “you can either believe the victims, or the whitewash the federal authorities give you.”
[17:51] -Athlete, author and advocate Tim Tebow gives emotional testimony in House hearing child sex crimes. [Newsmax Breaking]

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