Justice Blinded? Bowman Skips Major Penalty for Capitol Chaos!

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What’s really happening behind the gilded doors of Capitol Hill? When Rep. Jamaal Bowman triggered a fire alarm, many assumed it was a simple misdemeanor. But the hidden truth? It might be far more significant. Dive into this exclusive report where we unravel a possible obstruction of congressional proceedings – a charge with a jaw-dropping potential of up to 5 years in prison. Think that’s intense? There’s more. The obstruction of justice charge could’ve been applied, a Class A felony that could carry up to 30 years! Now, imagine if this act was committed by a J/6 protestor. Solitary confinement and years behind bars would probably be the immediate aftermath. So why the different treatment for Bowman? And why is mainstream media staying eerily silent on this? We’ll break down these pressing questions, but most importantly, you’ll want to stay tuned until the end for Gary’s Final Thought that promises to shed light on the glaring discrepancies in our republic’s justice system. This isn’t just a news report; it’s a wake-up call. Don’t miss it!

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