LAPD Revoked Carry Permit For California Man Who Used Gun To Defend Against Armed Robbers

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In the aftermath of a LA residential-neighborhood shootout with armed robbers, a Los Angeles resident, who successfully used a firearm to repel intruders attempting to rob his home, reported that his concealed carry permit was revoked mere days following the incident.

Ricci, who succefully defended himself against armed robbers while walking into his home, told Fox News Digital that the sheriff’s office called him Thursday morning to inform him his concealed carry permit was “revoked,”.

Many people don’t consider this, but after defending yourself from a criminal attack where none of the criminals die, there is still concern about the possibility of them returning out of pure spite.

Surprisingly, the LAPD deems it appropriate to revoke the individual’s ability to carry a gun nonetheless.

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While you might believe you are justified and within your rights, situations can arise where a District Attorney or, in this case, the Sheriff’s office may be anti-gun and attempt to use your case as an example.

In such instances, you may find yourself spending your own funds to hire lawyers in an effort to reclaim your permit.

By having a USCCA membership, you ensure that legal support is already in place to prevent such occurrences. If, by any chance, you do face legal challenges, the financial burden on your part is reduced, as the lawyers are ready to fight on your behalf.

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