LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME: East Unites: Russia-China Alliance Challenges U.S.

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Tune in to “N3 Prime Time: The Headlines You Can’t Afford to Miss!” for an insightful analysis of today’s pivotal global events. We’re diving deep into the unprecedented unity of Russia and China, posing challenges to the U.S. stance. Witness the chaos on Capitol Hill as pro-Palestinian protests escalate, and explore the stark contrast in responses compared to past events. Scrutinize President Biden’s puzzling demeanor during his critical Israel visit and the implications of his $100 million aid announcement. Delve into the controversy surrounding U.S. aid potentially fueling adversaries amidst Middle East tensions. And uncover the discreet yet substantial policy shift as the U.S. signals support for Israel’s strategic military moves, intensifying global apprehension. Stay informed, stay prepared, and understand the narratives shaping our world.

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