LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME: Trump and Milei Unite Against Socialism

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Join us tonight on “N3 Prime Time,” where we delve deep into the headlines you can’t afford to miss. From the patriotic fervor at Williams-Brice Stadium to Congressman Dean Phillips’s unexpected challenge in the 2024 Democrat presidential primary, we uncover the layers behind these stories. We also analyze Trump’s significant meeting with Argentina’s President-Elect Javier Milei, a momentous occasion in the global fight against socialism. Don’t miss Tucker Carlson’s profound insights at the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference, as he addresses America’s pressing issues. Lastly, we shed light on Moody’s alarming downgrades of major banks, signaling potential financial turmoil. Stay tuned for a night of critical analysis and groundbreaking revelations that will reshape your understanding of today’s political and economic landscapes.

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