Pro-Abortion Student Gets SHUT DOWN by Ben Shapiro

While debating students at Cambridge University, Ben faced off against a pro-abortion student that didn’t seem to come prepared. This is why we do our homework.

Watch the full episode here:

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This video includes information, descriptions, video, and images which are included in order to give important context to the viewer through accurate portrayals of the subject matter of Ben Shapiro’s overlaid commentary, criticism, and analysis, with the dual purposes of: (i) educating viewers; and (ii) documenting newsworthy events. While graphic representations have been included, this context is necessary in order to serve the public’s interest in the matter. This video seeks to: (a) identify who is involved in the content being presented; (b) describe when and where the content was captured; (c) clearly articulate condemnation and criticism of the subject behavior, while including an opposing view; and (d) to discourage viewers from engaging in the subject behavior.

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