Supreme Court Smackdown | The NEWSMAX Daily (03/05/2024)

Today’s 20-min top headline news brief from NEWSMAX includes:
[0:59] -Donald Trump scores one more win over Nikki Haley in N. Dakota ahead of today’s Super Tuesday contests.
[1:51] -Newsmax host Carl Higbie; The left is going nuts over the Supreme Court ruling. [Carl Higbie Frontline]
[3:20] -Former President Donald Trump addresses the nation on SCOTUS ruling. [Newsmax Breaking]
[6:21] -Alan Dershowitz and FL state attorney David Aronberg weigh in on Trump’s Supreme Court case. [National Report]
[9:42] -Carl Higbie: Republicans better fight fire with fire. [Carl Higbie Frontline]
[12:15] -Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo speaks with Trump about a “whole new” Biden-created crime. [Chris Salcedo Show]
[19:29] -Former MLB star and CA republican senate candidate Steve Garvey: I’m running for the people, they’re running for a job. [Wake Up America]
[23:30] -U.S. led cease-fire talks in Egypt end with no agreement in Gaza

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